Customer Acquisition

Product Discovery

Faster and relevant search of products and services for visitors based on industry leading recommendation data. Smart NLU conversations help reduce bounce rates & intuitive display of content helps brands showcase more effectively

Higher Lead Generation

24*7 agenct assistance helps users build trust and engage effectively on FAQs. Mauvechat intelligently segments and qualifies users to recommend the right products increasing the lead generation by 400%

Better Conversion

Mauvechat’s intelligent ML systems buckets qualified leads and transfers to sales agents in real time. Detailed analytics along with smart agent routing supports complex queries in real time resulting in more conversions.

Increased Reach

Omnichannel presence with our integrated suite of analytics and recommendation model reaches every lead on every touch point. This increases the number of conversations and hence a bigger and wider user reach.


  • Fast & Accurate

    AI based customer interactions which rely on highly precise NLU resulting in faster & more accurate interactions
  • Omnichannel

    Mauvechat makes your presence across multiple digital touch points like web, apps other messaging channels
  • Native Languages

    Our multi language support system enables customers to chat in their local language, help users relate more
  • Integration And Analytics

    easy access of user data through customized dashboard. Integrated user analytics.