Mauvechat’s AI powered hybrid bots to assist your customers 24*7 across web, app and messaging.

Customer Support

Zero Waiting Time

80% of the customer queries are repetitive. Let our industry driven and smart bots take care of these queries and leave the complex ones for the agents. Improved customer experience with instant responses on their desired platform.

Faster Resolutions And Allocation

Our Hybrid model connects the user to a live agent based on sentiment and complexity of the queries. Our smart interface helps track the customer journey and also creates a knowledge base

Reduce Operational Costs

Mauvechat reduces the burden on support executives by 30% by automating resolutions which are less complex. Human resource can be used more efficiently.

Increase Reach-Omnichannel And Multi Lingual

Customers are interacting with brands across multiple digital touch points in multiple languages. It's important for brands to provide a unified experience to the customer – mauvechat bots across web, app and messaging channels help do that.


  • Fast & Accurate

    AI based customer interactions which rely on highly precise NLU resulting in faster & more accurate interactions
  • Omnichannel

    Mauvechat makes your presence across multiple digital touch points like web, apps other messaging channels
  • Native Languages

    Our multi language support system enables customers to chat in their local language, help users relate more
  • Integration And Analytics

    easy access of user data through customized dashboard. Integrated user analytics.