Enterprise Features

Real Time Analytics

Synchronized real time data across platforms at your finger tips for better decision making.

Security & Uptime/SLA

Top notch and robust security with minimal storage of data makes Mauvechat completely secured.

Quick Deployment

Cloud, on premise or hybrid - all options with predefined knowledge bank enables quick go to market


Mauvechat platform is completely modular and built to scale as you grow with machine learning enabled at every stage.

Knowledge Bank

Aggregation of knowledge in an organization under one bot makes it fast to access and respond to conversations.

Easy Integrations

Enterprise grade API’s makes is easy for Mauvechat to connect with any modular system.

Smart Conversation


Natural language processing is the heart of any AI based assistant to understand, process and communicate like humans do. NLP engine enables the bot to identify intent, exact information, create context and start conversations which are logical, accurate and human like.

Conversation Builder

Mauvechat’s simple conversation builder helps any business build an intelligent virtual assistant and start having conversations with their customers across channels. Our solutions come with industry specific skills across languages which can be integrated with more training data on the go. Its fast, easy to use, easy to train and seamless to integrate with any platform

Context Management

Humans tend to change the context of the conversation frequently and it’s easy for us to understand and respond, it’s different for bots. Mauvechat’s conversational AI technology trains the bots on the ability to understand, interpret, converse and switch as required based on the context of the conversation.

Intent Identification

Intent analysis has always been tricky as there can be multiple intents identified during the conversation. Mauvechat breaks down the conversation into smaller parts and create responses freely without routing to any human intervention

Sentiment Analysis

Mauvechat AI technology experiences the user sentiment before any response if made to the query. Its critical not to frustrate the customer who is looking for a quick resolution with unwanted conversations. Negative sentiment triggers the bot to provide quick resolution with minimal conversation. A positive sentiment allows the bot to engage the users more to cross/upsell products and services.


Mauvechat’s NLU technology enables you create bots in multiple languages. Its simple and easy, create a bot and enable it for multiple languages using our NLU engine.


Its imperative today to be available at all your customer touch points. Mauvechat is an omnichannel platform with bots for web, app and social platforms to create your presence at every touch point with your customer. Our smart assistants are easy to create, can be deployed & integrated across all the platforms seamlessly.

Rich Multimedia

Use of images, documents, maps, audio for product descriptions, transactions and more gives your bot the power to engage and have meaningful conversations with your customers