24*7 Customer Support

Omni-channel presence enables smart self-service cutting down response time..

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Realtime Customer Acquisition

Meaningful conversations by your 24*7 sales agent drives more leads and improves conversions.

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Deep Customer Engagement

Wider reach across channels, detailed insights and better efficiency in marketing spends

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Why Organizations Around The World Are Shifting To Conversation Automation:

  • 70% of the queries are repetitive and can be handled by bots efficiently – be there for your customers 24*7 all year long
  • Cost efficiency – reduce upto 65% cost head by diverting traffic to digital assistance
  • Unified experience across all digital channels and agents handoff
  • Digital assistants enable personalized conversations, cross selling, recommendations and many other things to drive revenue!

Our suite of bots

One Organization, One Bot

Web Chatbot

Educate, Acquire & Engage customers every time they visit your website 24*7

App Chatbot

Looking for support automation on your Apps? Get Mauvechat’s SDK enabled for Android and IOS today!

Messenger Chatbot

Be omnipresent like your customers – Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp bots to serve them 24*7

Enterprise Features

Conversation Builder

Easy to use conversation builder with end to end assistance. Drag and drop interface with no coding required!


Seamlessly sync your customer interactions across all the platforms giving a unified experience


Contextual conversations powered by our high precision NLU/NLP engine supporting multiple languages

Seamless Blend Of AI & Human

Our state of art sentiment analysis tool enables human engagement at the right time.

Enterprise Ready Skill Bank

Ready to deploy conversations for industry specific lead generation.


Minimal permissions and storage of customer data makes our Bot safe for transactions too!

Smart Analytics

Cross platform conversations in a smart unified dashboard for better decision making.

Multi Lingual

Customers love to interact in native languages – we love to support them too.

Conversation Automation For Industries



Mauvechat bots are customised for OTT industry to cater user needs and complaints.


Mauvechat bots are customized for schools and colleges to cater the detailed enquiries.


Mauvechat bots are customized for orders and query resolution of customers.


Mauvechat bots are customized for telecoms for the service related queries.


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